Sony Alpha A 6300 mirrorless digital camera review

Sony Alpha A 6300 Mirrorless Digital Camera Review

Sony Alpha A 6300 mirrorless digital camera review

Sony offers a mid-range mirrorless camera with Alpha A6300

The world of photography has gone through an impressive revolution with the introduction of the Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera. A mirrorless camera is a digital system camera which comes with a multiple lens support and abstains itself from the mirror reflex optical viewfinder present in an SLR. Such cameras have become a hot favorite of the amateur photographers who wish to upgrade themselves from point and shoot to DSLR. Introduced in February 2016, the Sony Alpha A 6300 is a new addition to the category of a mid-range mirrorless camera by Sony.

External look

Introduced two years after the famous Alpha A 6000, the Sony A 6300 has become the best APSC mirrorless cameras by Sony. The model numbers that come in between these two have been skipped by Sony so that the A6300 can be the successor to the A6000. As far as the external look is considered, the A6300 is almost similar to the A6000. The new Alpha A 6300 have the same body and control system of the A6000. The flat-topped body of the camera is equipped with a popup flash, a built-in viewfinder, a tilting screen, nine custom buttons, two control dials and a hot shoe. Some visual differences are the improved moisture and dust resistance, a lever that helps to switch the AE lock to the focus lock and an extra microphone.

Improved sensor

Physically the A6000 and the A6300 might seem the same, but the grip of the later one is improved. It is of a decent size and makes it easy to hold the camera securely and comfortably. The dimensions of the body are 120x70x49mm respectively and the weight is 404g along with the battery. This means that the new A6300 is much shorter than the majority of the cameras which come with a built-in viewfinder. The most exciting feature of the camera is its sensor. It comes with an enormous 425 phase-detection AF points series across the sensor. However, the pixel count stays the same. While talking about tracking and identifying subjects the A6300 has the best AF systems of its category. The sensor of this camera is created using the latest fabrication process which uses copper wiring. This unique composition of the sensor helps to improve its performance. The battery life of the camera is also improved as a result. The Sony Alpha A 6300 is truly a premium mirrorless digital camera worth saving for.

Inexpensive lens

The second concern is the lenses. Sony has bundled the A6300 with the 16-55mm high zoom kit that is known for its convenience rather than the optical consistency. This decision on the part of Sony has given rise to the question, which another lens to fit? There is a wide variety of APS-C prime lenses that has a reasonable price. As far as standard zooms are considered the new A6300 limits your choices to the 18-50mm inexpensive lens.

This new mid-ranged mirrorless camera is considered to be a good candidate in the portrait photography category. The retail price of the Alpha A3600 is $1000 with the 16-50mm high zoom lens kit will cost you $1150. Such amazing feature makes this mirrorless camera a good option for people who wish to learn the basics of photography.


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