Sony Alpha A 6000 review

Sony Alpha A 6000 Mirrorless Camera Review

Sony Alpha A 6000 review

Things to expect from the mirrorless Sony Alpha A 6000

A good picture speaks a thousand words and conveys millions of emotions. It depicts a different story to different individuals. To capture the perfect shot what you need the most is a good camera. Professional photographers always look for a camera with a strong set of features. Keeping their needs in mind Sony has launched its new camera, Alpha A 600 a couple of years ago, which comes with some unique features. The new generation of photographers is switching off from their heavy and bulky DSLR lenses and bodies. The old idea of heavy cameras and lenses is taken over by the digital mirrorless revolution. The Sony Alpha A 6000 is a new addition in this category.

Improvement over time

Introduced a few years back the Sony Alpha A 6000 failed to grab the market in the initial stage but today the scenario is different. Some professional photographers were of the opinion that it was impossible for the mirrorless technology to compete with the features offered by the high-end DSLR cameras. The Alpha A 6000 has proved this wrong with its performance since its inception. At present this camera does not only match with the DSLRs in respect to feature and image quality, but it is an easily affordable option. The Sony Alpha A 6000 is not just lightweight and small but it is also capable of capturing pictures at 11fps. The camera comes with a unique phase detection feature where it can detect more than 179 phases. The camera is available at just $600 and also supports autofocus feature.

Key features

This mirrorless camera with an APS-C format is equipped with a Sony E-mount lens. The camera comes with a CMOS sensor which has a size of 23.5×15.6mm. The pictures captured by the Alpha A 6000 have a max resolution of 24mp and the actual pixels are 24.7 mp. It supports a total 1080p video recording with an ISO sensitivity of 100- 25600p. The Alpha A 6000 is an extremely lightweight camera that weighs 344g along with memory card and battery. The biggest advantage of using a mirrorless camera is that they are portable and simple. Due to its lightweight feature, you can easily hold this camera on your palm. The build quality and the overall button placement are quite good. If you’re looking for the best mirrorless camera then this one is certainly a good pick.

Impressive body

Apart from the stellar image quality, this camera is capable of beating any DSLR with its autofocus performance. As far as the top-down and side-by-side view is considered, it gives you a notion that the Alpha A6000 is slightly thicker than the predecessor. However, in reality, it is of the same length and height. This means the easy portable feature is not at all affected. The Sony Alpha A 6000 with the 16-55mm lens kit is a compact, lightweight and nice package with easy to use controls and a rubber covering of the handgrip.

People who are expecting to upgrade from the NEX series of cameras and thinking of making the Alpha A 6000 as their companion has another good news. The battery format of this mirrorless camera is exactly the same as the NEX-series cameras.


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