Ricoh Theta S review

Ricoh Theta S Review

Ricoh Theta S review

Popularity of Ricoh Theta S among photographic enthusiasts in recent years

Quite popular among photography enthusiasts, Ricoh Theta S is regarded to be one of the latest announced models of Ricoh Company. Essentially a conventional and niche product, the camera gained much appeal only recently. This is because of the fact that they were remodelled and launched with various remarkable features. By introducing their 360-degree cameras, the model has been able to gather much appeal and increasingly accepted among most interested consumers. Such features stand to be quite important for those who are seasoned photographers and tech savvy. With the presence of several applications and systems, Ricoh Theta S are able to capture, high-resolution spherical images and are able to share and save it in a proper manner with the help of active and efficient applications. And all such spherical images can be obtained with a single press of a button.

Since they are quite different from the other conventional cameras, most features and facilities offered will also differ. It is due to their ability to produce spherical images with display magnification that sets them apart from other smart cameras in recent times. With such advanced features, such a camera has the capacity to revolutionise the idea of conventional photos and videos and facilitates much experience that proves to be quite different from the original concept of photography by other digital cameras.

Avail among several colours and designs

People are able to choose among several colours and designs that are offered by such models. Be it the ever stylish black or brighter colours like red and yellow, the camera presents and keeps up to its overall idea of eccentricity and efficiency. Also with regard to their video photographic ability, with more than twenty-five minutes of a high resolution of video capture and continuous shooting features, such camera model delivers great quality body design and performance that people would have been to get otherwise.

As the shutter speed can be set from 1/6400 sec. to 60 seconds, the shots and random clicks are able to opt for long exposure. The f2.0 lens offers a longer optical path and quite effectively adjusts with high megapixel images in its small screen. Like most other cameras, Ricoh Theta S is also regarded to have a smartphone app and an inbuilt wifi set as well. It has been said that most of the features and facilities that are delivered by the camera can be accessed by such popular apps.

Presence of various lights and lamps

Another added advantage that is offered by the camera is that it has the presence of various lights and lamps for stands to be required during photographic sessions. The camera status lamp denotes when the images can be captured (after it has been lit). While the wireless lamp is lit when the wireless functions are on and the memory warning lamp warns when the memory becomes full. It can be said that the users are able to derive many benefits from such latest and innovative camera models.

Its special self-timer feature also facilitates people to capture better selfies without much hassle. Hence in order to create a better photographic experience, such cameras are useful for delivering amazing and creative sessions which can be shared via social media platforms.


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