Nikon D750 FX-format digital SLR review

Nikon D750 FX-Format Digital SLR Camera Review

Nikon D750 FX-format digital SLR review

Nikon D750 is the new full-frame DSLR from Nikon

The new Nikon D750 hit the market in 2014 just before the Photokina show in Germany. Taking together the latest 51-point Multi-CAM 3200 FXII autofocus system, uninterrupted shooting speed, a 24MP sensor, weather-sealed body, and a built-in Wi-Fi this light weight camera is a good option between the D610 and the high MP D810. The price ($2,299) of this full-frame DSLR makes it a good choice for the users who wants to upgrade from a DX. Despite the fact that the D750 failed to compete with the D700 as far as the body is concerned, it has more advanced components and a quicker processor. It is more determined and significantly speedier and in all honesty, we find this DSLR camera to be one of the best FX-Format DSLR Camera out there!

Key features

The latest full-frame DSLR from Nikon makes it placed between the D610 and the D750. This gives the camera and photography enthusiasts a new option to choose from. The D750 consists of a CMOS sensor with 24.3 million pixels and an EXPEED 4 processor. This new camera has an anti-aliasing filter, unlike the D810. This unique sensor and processor combination empowers a native affectability range of ISO 100-12,800 with extension settings that take this to ISO 50-51,200. Full HD video recording at 60p is also possible allowing 6.5 frames/ second. Though 6.5 fps is a good rate, there is some sports photographer who expects something higher like 8fps.

Key Performance

The D750 have been updated by Nikon with a Multi-CAM 3500 AF module. There are 51 AF points out of which 15 are cross-type and are more sensitive and the remaining 11 of them operates down to f/8. This is a good option for photographers who want an extension of the telephoto lenses they use. The exposure count is controlled by an RGB sensor of 91,000 pixels which allows face detection count. This is possible even when the picture is captured in the viewfinder mode. The only shortcoming is that you are unable to see whether a face has been detected or not. The camera comes with a highlight spot metering feature which is used to start measuring from the brightest part of the photo and suggests a necessary exposure that will prevent the picture from being burnt. It will however not provide a medium tone to the photo. This is a blessing for the wedding photographers.

White balance feature

D750 comes with a unique white balance set feature that helps the user to adjust the white balance from some part of the photo. The D750 functions using the EN-EL 15 Li-ion battery. When you are using the flash continuously, Nikon claims that the battery life is 430 shots. However, the photographers can use the MB-D 16 battery set to keep the camera on for more shots. This full-frame DSLR also supports wireless image transferring as it is compatible with the Nikon WT-5 and UT-1. To make sharing faster there is also an inbuilt Wi-Fi connectivity.

The new Nikon D750 gives the photographers the ability to shoot any kind of image in any situation and get the best result. Hence, you can make an appropriate buy with this model.


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