Nikon D5300 dslr camera review

Nikon D5300 DSLR Camera Review

Nikon D5300 dslr camera review

Choose the Nikon D5300 for better images

A good yet pocket-friendly camera is what the serious amateur photographers look for. You also need the same in case you are a budding enthusiast. If you are searching for such a camera for long, the Nikon D5300 is here to put an end to your wait. Initially, the new Nikon D5300 might look exactly the same as the D5200, but there are some serious upgrades which make this camera a good option for professional photographers. The high-resolution and new 24.2 sensor without any optical low-pass filter is one of the new upgrades. It also incorporates the EXPEED 4 image processor that not only produces high-quality JPEG image, but also an impressive battery life.

Access your camera remotely

The first ever Nikon DSLR to provide both GPS connectivity and a built-in Wi-Fi is the Nikon D5300. This means you don’t have to rely on the other accessories like you did with all the previous models. The Wi-Fi connectivity option makes pairing easier for the D5300 with any Android or iOS devices. This allows you to share and edit pictures directly on the social networking sites like Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. With this unique feature, you can access the D5300 remotely with the help of smart devices by using the Wireless Mobile Utility app. The focus point can be set using the touch-screen of your smart device. The built-in GPS feature gives the receiver, information like altitude, longitude and latitude along with the image EXIF data. You can use this feature to retrace your steps even if you are not capturing pictures.

18-55mm lens kit

The Nikon D5300 comes with an 18-55mm lens kit which fits perfectly with the body reassuring the photographer with a click sound. The advantage of vibration reduction is also heightened with the help of this perfectly fitted lens. There is no in-camera image stabilization in this Nikon model as this is the common feature of all Nikon cameras. This means you are bound to use this 18-55mm lens kit if you don’t have any already existing Nikon lenses.

Night Vision mode

There are 9 distinct filters of the effects shooting mode which can be applied while capturing videos as well as images. The effect which needs special mention is the Night Vision effect which pushes the sensitivity of the camera to an ISO of 102,400. However, this mode records a monochrome image rather than a colored one. To view your stills you can enter the Live View mode and see the effect. You need to note in this regard that the camera alters almost everything including exposure, white balance, shutter speed, quality, file type and ISO when in the effects mode. You can apply the same effect for more than once in one image, but make sure there is no option for preview.

The Nikon D5300 captures excellent quality photos that are the best at this price. It might not have the broadest tonal variety but the pictures are sharp with warm colors. The recommended kit that comprises of the body and the 18-104mm lens will cost you around $1,100.


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