Nikon COOLPIX L840

Nikon COOLPIX L840 Review

Nikon COOLPIX L840

The Nikon COOLPIX L840 seems to be a true value for money product. Although it’s not a professional camera, it does allow you to take professional-quality photos, while costing just slightly more than most of the basic cameras out there.

It offers a great mix of a DSLR camera and a compact point shoot camera for a surprisingly affordable price. While the look and feel of the Nikon COOLPIX L840 are pretty much like a professional DSLR camera, the ease of use is similar to a point and shoot camera which is very relieving for most users who are new to digital cameras.

Surprisingly, however, the ease of use doesn’t really result in compromising on the image quality front, which seems reasonably good for the price. There are also several other great features that allow even the beginners to take professional-quality pictures.

Let us now go a little deeper into some of the most important features of this product.

Ease of use

Although we would usually start off with talking about the image quality and other such primary features of a digital camera, we think it’s worth discussing the ease of use of the Nikon COOLPIX L840 first.

The reason being that the ease of use it offers is probably one of its most highlighting points. This is despite the fact that it’s designed to be a mix of a DSLR and a point and shoot camera, and hence, you would expect it to be a little difficult to use compared to some of the basic cameras out there.

Even if you’re a beginner, you can probably get just as good performance and control out of it as you would if you were a professional. The creative and manual controls are pretty straightforward and fairly easy to get used to.

The controls are pretty much similar to a typical point and shoot camera, and this will probably turn out to be a blessing for most beginners out there. Furthermore, the rubber grip makes it very easy to hold and use, while also making it feel secure in your hands. There’s also a rear thumb rest that ensures that it doesn’t leave anything to be desired on the ease of use front.

Image quality

Some of you may feel that as it’s so easy to use and also offered at a very affordable price, you can’t really expect much as far as the image quality is concerned. Well, guess what, unless you’re expecting the image quality to be the same as a professional DSLR camera priced at upwards of $500, you’re going to be proved wrong.

It’s because the image quality is exceptional for the price. The zoom is more than capable of taking great quality pictures of even objects that are at a long distance from you. You wouldn’t even find any loss of detail, unless maybe if you look at it from a professional’s point of view.

The image quality is great even in low light conditions without flash, although you may have a different opinion if you’re looking for perfect images. However, outdoor images in daylight and indoor images with flash don’t seem to be leaving anything to be desired, and even the picky users out there would agree to it.

Another great thing worth mentioning about the COOLPIX L840 is that the reload time between each image is almost nonexistent. You can go on an image-taking spree and take pictures one after another without having to wait at all between them.

Video quality

Now although there do seem to be some other digital cameras too in this price range that offer a decent picture quality, most of them end up disappointing when it comes to the video quality.

However, the COOLPIX L840 manages to stand out, as the video quality seems to be just as good. The videos are HD quality and turn out to be very crisp and clear, and usually without much or any distortion.


The latest update of the COOLPIX L840 came up with a great addition, which is the internal WiFi. This allows you to transfer all the images and videos you shoot using the camera to your computer wirelessly, which is a feature you wouldn’t find in many digital cameras at this price range.

Amazingly large zoom range

The previous version of this camera used to come with a 34x zoom. However, with this update, Nikon has gone a step further as the COOLPIX L840 now offers an amazing 38x zoom.

The zoom is actually capable enough of taking clear and detailed pictures of even objects well over 100 yards away from you, and usually with very little to no distortion. This is saying something, as at this price, you hardly find a digital camera that offers such a large range zoom and a lot more, like the COOLPIX L840.

Other features

As mentioned above, there also seem to be several features other than the ones we discussed above. So let us just go through them quickly as well.

  • Amazing battery life
  • Uses AA batteries
  • Allows using SD cards
  • The screen can be tilted 90 degrees up or down, allowing you to take shots at pretty much every angle you can imagine of
  • Great exposure controls

A look at few downsides

Well, to be honest, there really doesn’t seem to be much to talk about on the downsides, unless you’re expecting a high-end professional digital camera, which you obviously shouldn’t at this price.

That said, the below given MAY seem like downsides to some users.

  • The body may feel like it has a lot of plastic on it
  • The autofocus may not turn out to be very fast every single time you use it
  • The camera may seem a little bulky and on the heavier side to some users

A final word

While the downsides may be very subjective and most users (non-professionals) may not mind them at all, the long list of features the Nikon COOLPIX L840 comes with is probably sure to impress pretty much every user.

Finally, taking into account the image and video quality as well as all the great features being offered, you do seem to be getting a great bang for your buck with the Nikon COOLPIX L840.


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