Nest Cam Security Camera review 2016

Nest Cam Security Camera Review

Nest Cam Security Camera review 2016

Introducing the Nest Cam Security Camera

The Nest Cam security camera is one of the latest Wi-Fi based security cameras that are manufactured today. These security cameras are used worldwide, especially, in developed countries and most places in the developing countries too. They are installed in both private and government institutions like hospitals, business organizations, Banking sectors, pubic transportations, hotels, ATM booths, shopping malls, stadiums, and arenas. The main purpose of this product is to attain a safe and healthy environment for everyone and to imply certain laws to individuals who could take them into their own hands. While this isn’t specifically inherited to a digital camera, which is our area of expertise, we still have much knowledge that we would like to share with you.

Nest Company’s various services

This security camera is manufactured by the Nest Company that is known for their manufacture of related products like the Nest protects Internet-connected smoke alarm and the Nest Internet-connected thermostat. Initially, this hi-tech gadget called the Dropcam pro before Nest takes it over the company for a whopping $550million and it was priced at $200 until Google bought it for $3.2 billion in January 2014. Since then, a lot of improvement and beneficial changes have been made to the Nest Cam security camera.

The quality of their video is enhanced from the 720p to a 1080p high definition. Night vision option has been installed in all the cams and their video gives a crisp and clear viewing even in the darkest places at any point in time. A hinged metal stand is fitted to the security cam which gives a distinct and cool look altogether. Now, you can install these cams in any positions like sideways, upside down or right side up etc. The wall plate also includes wall mounting to keep the cam at almost anywhere that can support the plate or the stand. Again, just like the stands made for cameras, these cams can even be equipped and screwed with tripod stands as well.

Installing the Nest’s Security Camera

The process of setting this security camera is an easy and simple task. You must download the Nest application and plug in the 10-foot cable to the power outlet. After this setup, you have to open a Nest account and a suitable password along with it. A legal agreement will be notified to you that you must agree to and then a barcode needs to be scanned on the back of the product while choosing your Wi-Fi network to log in with your specified password. On finishing the installation of the Nest Cam security camera, the Nest Cam icon will be displayed on your screen or on your home page. Since the camera can view up to 130 degrees, you can analyze an entire room and magnify any place that bothers you. The sound quality of the cam is excellent as it has a speaker and a microphone although the pictures may be delayed slightly.

The main feature of this Security camera is to detect any motion while one leaves the particular place in case of burglary or accidents caused by either outside or inside forces. Lastly, with all the awesome spying characteristics, you could always utilise the $10 to $100 service for a continuous 24/7 recordings.


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