Jumping Shark Caught On Camera – Sharknado Style

Sharks are a dangerous predator. They are lithe, fast and have heaps of teeth. And sometimes, they propel themselves out of the ocean.

Jake Beazley, a 19-year old photographer and fisherman, discovered this fact first-hand when he spent the day fishing just south of Perth in Australia. You can see the full video below:

Beazley had been fishing with his friends roughly 12 nautical miles west of the Australian coast when they spotted the shark. The shark swam up and took the fish that they had caught, and around five minutes later, the shortfin mako shark started biting the boat and propeller, which made Beazley and his friends get out of there. But before they could get away, the shark took one of their baits and launched itself upward, propelling itself out of the ocean.

It’s rare to catch this on camera and even rarer to have Australian commentary with the footage.

Mako sharks are one of the fastest breeds on earth and they are very territorial and aggressive. Surprisingly, the statistics for shark deaths are remarkably low, so stay calm people out there. Just don’t provoke the shark and you will be okay.

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